Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New EVIL Player

Electronics giant Sony has jumped into the EVIL fray with their NEX series.

The little fella is definitely born of the Sony stable, compact and stylish. Paired with the 16mm lens, it looks cool. Lots of potential with image quality

This picture supposedly at ISO 12800 looks pretty impressive.

Previews available at DPreview and Digital Photography School

Ricoh has a lot to catch up with, the NEX has 3 fully functioning lens out of the stable, plus possibly an attachment to use the full range of Alpha lenses. The intriguing part is the flash is actually an external accessory, Sony must really be confident of the camera or its totally an aesthetic rationale. Although from what I have seen so far, the NEX user interface is more "fun", less "professional" than Ricoh's. Lots of menu tree to plough through, albeit icon based.

The size of the lens, except for the 16 mm, makes the whole setup a little awkward, it might make more sense to shape it like a bazooka. Enter the E-mount HD camcorder. Sony has noticed the trend of DSLR wielding HD film makers, and thought "Hey let's screw the E-mount onto a video camera".

Coming back to our favourite little, small camera maker, I wonder what will they pick up the next time they go shopping at Sony's. Will Sony release the E-mount to them? Doubtful with Sony's past behaviour, unless Ricoh comes out with dazzling optics for them.

Final question, do I still want a GXR? I know Sony will screw something up like Apple always does, there will be that one or two annoying flaw that spoils a perfect device. Still, the Fanboy is starting to question his loyalty.

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