Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shanghai Expo II

Highlights. At least the ones I could reach.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shanghai Expo

Holding a party with an open invitation in a country, population 1.3 billion, means one thing. Crowds.

The World Exposition has a long history and finally it is within reach of a 5 hour flight. Despite the ease of air travel, the World Fair is a once a lifetime event for some and this is the closest, geographically and temporally speaking,  it will get to us. After juggling work schedule and unscientific prediction of the crowd situation, a date was set, accommodation and flights paid for.

Crowds. This day it was reported 500,000 visitors entered the site. This was just at one of the 8 gates, and half the holding section for queues to the security checkpoints. People were generally good natured and orderly. Occasionally you get some kungfu masters who one moment would be 2-3 persons behind and next they are 3-4 persons ahead. Sometimes they move in a big group of 3 generations. Annoying but it is best to smile about it, lesser risk of getting a stroke.

The lull before the storm. This is the dedicated underground service that runs within the site.

And here they come

Still the ride was quite comfortable

World Expo Shanghai 2010

China welcomes the world for the second time in a big way.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bottom of the Apple Barrel

Discussion of things Apple are now moved here.
Unless it is about photography

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ricoh GXR

Finally Fan Boy meets his love.

The GXR with the P10 unit finally crept into Singapore stores. Retailing at SGD$799 for body and P10 unit. Of course street price is even better.
The first thing I like is the flash, seems to work better than my other Ricohs.

First picture, straight out of camera with flash. Cropped in Picasa but no other treatment.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Apple Cart

It takes a half eaten fruit to start me blogging again. Ha. Actually its more something posted on Engadget.
We'll hand it to Apple, the phone is so thin it's kind of mind-boggling.
Mind Boggling? Really? Compared to the current iphones maybe, but I have always thought they were kind of chunky anyway. Then again being at WWDC is like stepping into an alternate universe, a magical land basking in the glory of the Great Steve.

Hey! I am not an Apple/Steve hater, just simply amused at the ooohs and ahhhs from supposedly industry insiders. As a Ricoh Fan Boy, I know the feeling, but my mind remains quite un-boggled when discussing the GXR.

The shiny new phone looks like the fruit of a secret affair between Nokia and Apple, which I do prefer over the current road hump look. Except for the BSI (Backside Illuminated) camera sensor and gyroscope there is nothing truly unique, but they look to be very well executed Apple style, they simply delivered what others have hinted at.

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