Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lumia my day

The icing on the cake for the day was spotting this on my regular walkabout.
Taken with Nokia 808
Yes fellow Red-Dotters! The enormous, mindbogglingly heavy Lumia 920 are up for preview. They are estimated to arrive for sale in the first week of December.

I had the opportunity to hold one. The Nokia Rep had his personal unit and was willing to let customers hold it. Stupidly I actually asked why was he allowed to get one before the rest. Green was my colour.

The Windows OS navigation is a bit of a learning curve, but nothing too difficult.

I tried the camera of course, it is quite responsive and the Optical Stabilisation seem to work quite well. The camera settings are far less sophisticated than the 808 and works more in an Auto mode.

One quirk though. The 920 NFC doesn't connect well to the N9 and 808. I could not transfer photos as seamlessly as between the 808 and N9, but Bluetooth transfer works well manually.

Now comes the complaint of so many tech reviewers, that the 920 is too heavy.
My first immediate impression was: It is very comfortable to hold and feels like it will stay without taking wings to a concrete oblivion. This is based on holding a tethered display set.

Now while holding the Rep's personal phone, I had no issue with the weight. Perhaps the various reviewers was like the lady who asked to try my 808 and found it heavy.

Nonetheless, after actually holding the phone and I felt I had to respond in particularly to one review.

Warning: Mild Profanity 

Dear Mr Sam Biddle

The following is my opinion of your review in Gizmodo of the Lumia 920.

This phone is not fucking way way too HEAVY. There was no visceral instant repulsion nor do I feel exasperated  holding it. My hand have not been deformed in anyway bearing it's supposedly incredible weight. I have to inform you that I am very very mortal nor have I been exposed to comical amount of gamma radiation and it fits quite nicely in my hands and fingers.

You Sir, are either lying about your experience or suffering from a disability. If the latter, I offer my apologies and sympathy. Otherwise, you are a Princess moaning about a fucking pea.

Glad to know that you won't be in the way for the rest of us mortals to owning this beautifully designed work of art.

Good Day

Started the day early and the sky was grey and gloomy, but it was still a good day.

Don't know if this is the effects of climate change, but the recent cycling of heavy rain and bright sun shine might have confused some plants. It is beautiful though.

It is always good to be able to sit down and have tea and cakes in comfort. Such a privilege.
Under estimated the lighting and picked iso 800. Takes quite an effort to make picture more palatable, no wonder Instagram is such a hit. Instagram lookalike done with Lightroom Preset.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blue Skies

Nice to have blue skies after days of afternoon showers.

Missed catching the moon in the first picture being on a moving bus. Otherwise I think it would have been better with the Art Decor look of the tower.

PureView 808 and cooked with Lightroom

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pure Cat

Obligatory cat picture. They are the natural, sometimes unwilling subject for quick draw snapshots.

Friday, November 16, 2012

It Ain't Heavy, It's My Phone

It has been a while since I posted anything because I simply couldn't not summon up enough brain cells to work out a sentence, let alone a whole paragraph. However this little comment by one Sam Biddle of Gizmodo energized me enough into action.

Sam is the opposite of Joshua Topolsky's overly sunny reviews of anything Apple. He is overly critical of anything not Apple.

OK, that comment is totally based on hearsay and a single reading of one of his work, so to be fair, one should read more of his work.

But I am not in a fair mood.

The offending article is titled Lumia 920 Review: Just Too Damn Heavy. Below is an excerpt where dear Sammy dedicated 3 paragraphs to what amounts to a group of skinny girls doing a body check at the beach.
Tragic Flaw
It's just too heavy.
The Lumia 920 weighs almost half a pound. It clocks in at just under than 90 grams less the iPad Mini. A tablet. It weighs more than the Galaxy Note II and the Titan. No, really. It's uncomfortable enough to be disqualified from serious consideration.
It's just too heavy. Inexcusably heavy. Way, way too heavy to recommend to anyone. The 920 isn't just big—the HTC Titan was big, and it was pretty great. The 920 is bloated, cumbersome. Anyone's first response will be "Ugh, God, this thing is heavy." It's a visceral, instant repulsion, and it doesn't get any less heavy, as if through some polycarbonate osmosis. It's just as galling every time you take it out of your pocket—stretched within a micron of its life—and that isn't the kind of feeling you want to have with an object you're going to be using all day every day.
Our gadgets should be comfortable. They should be made for our hands and fingers. The 920 was perhaps made for hands and fingers, but not of any mortal. Not any of us. Maybe Nokia figured that bigger means better means more things sold means Windows Phone 8 succeeds. Maybe Nokia just couldn't figure out a way to make it skinny. But we haven't just been spoiled by the impossibly slight iPhone 5—the 920 is a design failure all by itself. Everything good about it is nullified by its obesity.


Paragraph 2 is basically one long "Your Momma is so heavy" joke and good old Sammy practically ends with a "Girl you so fat, there ain't nothin' you can do to be good." (I have been watching too much US TV shows sorry!)

Just how heavy is the Lumia 920? It weighs in at 185 grams, just a mere 5 more than the Galaxy Note 2 to warrant a disqualification. Or as Sam noted, 90 grams lighter than a iPad Mini. So while weight distribution would change the feel on the hand, something that is 90 grams lighter is "inexcusably" heavier and "instantly repulsive"?

My Nokia 808 is 169 grams, just 16 less than the Lumia, but I have yet to suffer any wardrobe malfunction while carrying it together with the N9 and a key pouch in one trouser pocket.

Sadly Sam Biddle is not the only writer with such sentiments, but he takes the cake with his vehemence.

This YouTube video is kind of how I might respond if I wasn't a shy person.
Warning! Heavily laced with profanities. You have been warned!

Presenting GeneralTheDestroyer. One American who loves his Nokia.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lumia versus the Aluminium King

You know how the saying goes: Hindsight is 20/20.

The latest gift bestowed by the Temple of Cupertino has the internet buzzing till now. From the Lost World  Apple Maps to Scuffgate, more carbon has been emitted from the internet verbal sparring and in the meantime at least 5 million wallets have been raided.

I had to have a look at this latest wonder, that bestest phone EVER.

It is a lightweight smartphone. No no, not in terms of functionality, it is still the same iOS device that fans love and adore. It is light, so light that I would have thought it was a dummy phone if the screen wasn't on. Definitely an engineering feat to lower the weight that significantly. My complaint would be it is a little too light for my clumsy hands, without the weight feedback, I might drop it.

In any case, pardon the pun, my firm belief is that iOS devices should not be carried naked, with its very sensitive skin. So the irony or perhaps deliberate design is that the lighter scratchable phone will be wrapped up, becoming the thicker bulk than it is designed to be. All that lovely detailing, the shiny bevel by Jonny-boy will  remain unseen. (Incidentally that bevel took quite some scrutinising before I could see it). No wonder iPhones comes in only 2 colours, how kind of them to accommodate for the accessories market.

Now the part about Hindsight 20/20.

Nokia was eager to showcase their Lumia phones before Apple, but unfortunately ended with up a PR nightmare. What was to be their key camera feature is now tainted as fake. As it turns out, all they needed was to put a disclaimer that the effect was simulated then people will at least not hot stamp a huge FAIL across their name.

Gradually it seems they have won some of the media over the real strength of the technology, Endgadget for one, posted a comparison between Lumia 920 and iPhone 5.

Here is the video

All this in mind Nokia perhaps need not have rushed the presentation, after all, there is no stopping the money from flying to Cupertino. 5 million iPhones will still be sold even if ALL phone makers launched their phones on the same day featuring perfect Maps. The iOS base is just that strong.

Perhaps if Nokia presented their Drive/Navigation after everyone was introduced to Apple's Lost World Maps, they might get quite a sympathetic nod. Their setup is quite practical and solid, no need for fancy flyovers.

And the Pureview OIS, instead of pretending the Girl on the Bike was real, they could have said stated that type of stability was desired. Key to marketing is perhaps making users realise how much they NEED to have OIS then offer it in a nicely packaged Lumia 920. The limited prototypes they had would be enough to intrigue all the media/tech geeks at the event.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hot Chili - Sweet ending

Had a bit of a surprise with this dessert being not a fan of deep fried sweet fritters. The difficulty I have is most are heavy with oil and sweetness.  XiaoLaJiao's Pumpkin Pancake is made with whole piece pumpkin filled with lotus paste. There is no doughy armor around the pumpkin, just a sesame coat, and the lotus paste is smooth but not too sweet. The problem with that is it might not be sweet enough for some.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hot Chili

Revisiting some old pictures taken with the Ricoh.

If you like fiery stuff and have the stomach for it, you can try XiaoLaJiao.

The Chicken Feet salad looks innocent, but it can be quite fiery compared to the local/Thai version.

Fried Rice is like a balm for sore tongue or the weak stomached.

This fish soup is tangy, can be spicy if requested, definitely stimulate your appetite.


Up or down

Which way?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5

Semi live blogging...

It is official, the phone is 5, with a A6.

It is exactly what has been leaked. Duo tone backing.

The Apple keynote is like a Keynote template where you just drop in the name and specifications of the iDevice: The best phone design ever, the lightest ever, nothing like we have ever done before, we couldn't be prouder of it. Yada Yada.

Just like the Olympics, records are still being broken, but the differential is getting smaller and smaller. It is now 7.6mm thin, an 18% reduction from before. It "fits" just nice in your hands. Duh!

The camera is flattened a little but basically similar, except they can do a super panorama, up to 28 MPs.

Oh 3 microphones, for a moment I thought Rich Recording like Nokia? Hmmm wideband audio really sounds like Rich Recording.

Ah the connector is now called Lightning. You can plug it in either way. Thinner and more durable. Really? Looks like something that can snap with the wrong move. Class action someone? The adapter looks worse.

Here comes the iOS 6, with Scotty. Yawn already. Serious Yawn fest, but I shall struggle on!

Oh how delicious, Shared Photostream. Anyone on your sharing group will receive that oh so very naughty picture you took while drunk stupid! Oh is that your mistress? Oh so family friendly.

Uniquely bi-colored. Apple is all black and white, all Aluminium and Glass. Time to trade commodity?

"The variances from product to product we now measure in microns." Cameras actually take images of each case and select the appropriate back plate to fit.
Fascinating manufacturing process. Still a Yawn fest for a phone.

Available 21 September. iOS6 for everyone else on the 19th.

Ah wait, something new about music i.e. iTunes. Which we didn't get in Singapore for the longest time. Probably will be very US centric still. The interface is now "dramatically simpler" with a full page of tiles. Sounds familiar.

New iPods. Up first the Nano. Desperately in need of reinvention. Its got Lightning. Best Nano created, (see what I mean Yada Yada). Home button! How original. Multi-coloured oh wow. Built in pedometer. Bluetooth DUH!.

The iPod Touch is next. Template on, best, thinner, lighter. With Retina display left over from the iPhone 5, it is the poor man's iPhone without the phone. Better camera, finally. Oh Siri is present with sartorial flair for more colours.

Speakers. Hmmm. Something new? Oh its just headphones. Imagine there are 1.2 billion headphones out there! Imagine the spaghetti tangle! Nothing surprising here, the design had been leaked.

It has been a Yawn fest, clearly something for the truly faithful.

Apple Harvest 2012

Well in just over 30 minutes, there will be the proclamation from the hallowed halls of Cupertino.

Will the new iPhone be introduced as the iPhone 5 or simply the New iPhone to confound and confuse with the next, new, now iPhone? The bet is on 5 from the clever graphics.
Courtesy of Engadget

And the new 6 will be on the 5, iOS 6 that is. What new will there be that we knew not already?

Is it going to be jaw dropping or a huge yawn fest? For sure what will not be new will be hordes of the faithful renewed.

Money will be taken

Friday, September 07, 2012

Being a duck

I used this title from Shelton Muller's blog as I simply could not think of anything better.

After talking about Nokia, I chanced upon this post and thought about it. Apart from a mild ache from actually thinking, I also realized that I had known this service philosophy all along, just not so eloquently put.
When providing a service, or putting up a show, the client or audience should not be aware of the background work being done. It should be so seamless that they are totally immersed in the experience. Of course most people are simply clueless or oblivious anyway.

Being a duck means:
"you simply have to be a duck. For all concerned, you are sailing along smoothly on top of the water while all along you are privately paddling like crazy underneath. To be anything less than a duck would be unprofessional. Whatever is going on in your life, it is irrelevant to this event, this moment, this bride and groom. Leave it at home, and be a duck." - Shelton Muller

The problem with being a successful aquatic avian, is that a lot of people think what you do is so easy and they tell you so openly or imply politely.

"It is very simple right? Doesn't take long"
"It is very small, shouldn't be expensive"
"Children are very easy right?"
"Even my child can do it!"

Each of those statement have the power to demoralize you, especially when you make the extra effort to maintain that calm seamless experience while things fall apart at the back.

So here is to all those special ducks out there, may your swim be uneventful.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nokia oh Nokia

Oh dear, the time I was focusing on the PureView technology, Nokia's shares have dropped at least 16%. Apparently investors and the "market" are totally unimpressed by the presentation. (How do you know it is bad: Their shares are half the price of RIMM, maker of Blackberry phones.)

The worst sin was to omit the availability, release date and pricing. The presentation venue itself was rather small probably due to Nokia losing money and obviously the quality of the show was a bit uninspired. I think they rushed to get ahead of Apple before lining up their production ducks.

Faking a advertisement is also a serious No No. You just ruined a beautiful technology Nokia. 

Let Janet Takavoli tell you what went wrong with Nokia's business and sartorial decisions. 

I do agree that Apple does the best keynote presentation. They are tightly choreographed, hardly any glitches and speakers don't sound like they are reading off scripts. Steve Jobs had a knack for his famous Reality Distortion Field, almost like a mutant power. He could (perhaps can) suck you in and you will totally ignore unpleasant facts like a supposedly unique feature has already been done by others.

Come September 12, we shall see if the rumour mills are accurate about the design of the new iPhone. As is, I find the design boring, but that is Apple. Fans will gush over it, the masses will just accept that it is the best. 

Money will be taken.

808 Pure View

A day with the 808

The Haze.
The city skyline lost.
Panorama on 808

Cinnamon! Seriously rich flavour. Gives a kick to dark chocolate. Sadly it may not be repeated due to low demand. By the way note how quickly it melts! Don't waste it!

This is suppose to be Penang Char Kway Teow. I hate it when food is wasted on half-hearted cooks.

Food photography
While I was finishing up the rather boring lunch, someone was busy creating pictures to tempt diners. Hope he doesn't mind me sharing his setup.

Nokia Lumia PureView

Well well, Nokia just finished showing off their latest Lumia with PureView technology. Information had been leaking like crazy in the day before, so a lot of people were incredulous at the claim of PureView with a 8 Mp sensor. Turns out it wasn't the same as the 808. It was different and much more.


That was my reaction when I watched the keynote. On the verge of pulling out my depleting hair, I was amazed and frustrated at the same time, wishing they had used the optical stabilization technology in the 808.
I so very much need that with my rather shaky hands.

They managed to float the whole lens assembly and actively compensate against movements up to 500 per seconds which allows for blur free photography at shutters as slow as 1/4th seconds.

A Steadicam setup? Who needs it!

It will probably be up to 1/30th with my hands, even then I will be very very pleased as I get blurriness at that speed on the 808.

Not to mention video.


Built in Cinemagraph function. Just when I am amazed at how people did it, Nokia went and made it simple for people like me.

While I am still very pleased with my 808, I can't help feel a tinge of sadness it was not given the full potential it could have been. Then again it was a technology waiting for the OS and CPU. On that note, Nokia had been running on single core CPUs for the longest time with everyone else already jumping on 4 cores but they were never a slouch.

I don't know much about the Windows ecosystem, but Nokia is concentrating on letting people take good pictures and getting around with better ease and have your social life flashing and winking at you continuously. Sure iOS fans will swear Apple has already done that and more, but then again I have seen a bunch of late teens armed with at least 4 or 5 iPhones confused as to how to proceed to their destination.

How will the Temple of Cupertino respond?

Sunday, September 02, 2012

PureView Cinema

My little blog got a visitor boost recently when the PureView Club kindly put up my pictures. So to Marc and Peter, dank u. Think I got that right.

Here is the latest from their treasure trove. From a Chris West, a mini showcase of what the PureView can do with some help. Read the text here, watch below.

Friday, August 31, 2012

PureView 808: Before and after

I had been and still am a Ricoh fanboy for a long time, but ever since the PureView 808, I have been neglecting the Ricoh. For the longest time, I almost always had a Ricoh in my bag, but the 808 is really much easier to bring around. While a dedicated camera like the GXR can be better for certain situations, it does not beat the 808 for convenience and speed. The capability of the 808 means more confidence in getting reasonable shots.

The only issue I currently have with the Nokia is that it can hang. I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but the 808 stalled on me yesterday for the third time. Being my secondary phone to the N9, I only use it mainly for photos and WhatsApp. When it hangs the screen remains frozen and could not power down using the power button, the only solution was to remove the battery. I have had this problem with the E52 previously and I suspect it could be due to Symbian not agreeing with me somehow.

Anyone out there with similar situation?

Comex 2012

Singapore's third quarter tech "show" is on, yes we have one show every three months. Sadly it is nothing like IFA currently on in Berlin, which showcases upcoming toys. Here it is more like cheap-er sale, although if one has the tenacity and stamina to brave the crowds there are gems to be found.

This year however, I think the crowd situation just might be a real nightmare. Suntec City Convention Center is currently undergoing a make over. The usual access areas have been blocked off and security planning has gone into top gear. So those thinking of braving the weekend crowd, be warned. Most routes are now one-way and choose the wrong way you might need to detour back. While the distance is really minimal, but with  everyone packed in like sardines it just might be an explosive keg. The only entrance by foot is likely to be only the main entrance, even the way through Food Republic might be cordoned off.

That said, if you have the chance to go before the weekend, for PureView fans, the phone is going for SGD$799, down from $839 without contract. Availability is questionable considering the worldwide shortage, but for the brave and strong it might be a worth physical bruising to save $40. 

For possible discounts available, you can see the brochures here first.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clash of the Tech-tans

The recently ended legal saga between Apple and Samsung had the tech blogger sphere abuzz, divided over the judgement declaring Samsung a copy cat. Actually the Appeals process is just started,  so the matter is far from over legally.

Samsung on the surface did appear to copy the iPhone, I still remember having to take a second look to see if some one was using either. However it did not take too long with Samsung's name across the top in shiny silver. The legal case is actually more complex than just that fleeting similarity, but I am not going to rehash the discussion that is all over the internet. 

The sum of money involved is mere pocket change to either giants, so the real ramifications from this tussle is the possible technical fallout. Will it allow Apple to go after other smartphone producers or hinder innovation as Samsung claims?

Frankly I think the rest of the world has moved on from simply catching up to Apple's iOS especially Android. Heck, Apple has not been actually completely original either, there are lots of ideas in iOS that have been done by someone else. Apple's strength is making something appear to be an "Aha" moment and very intuitive. Sleekness is the keyword.

All the devices listed as infringing Apple's patents are generally the older generation Androids which are bordering on turning into antiques in the fast paced tech world. Not so long after Judge Koh struck down her gavel for the last time, Samsung fired a shot across Apple's bow at this year's IFA.

Ranging from the Galaxy Note 2 to Windows 8 devices, Samsung has shown it can think beyond the Apple orchard. I think the thing that makes the most difference is the very thing that Steve Jobs dismissed, a stylus. It is almost as if Samsung was giving him a high tech finger.

I am quite impressed with the S Pen system, but being the stubborn mule that I am, Jelly Bean will not be my pick of dessert as yet. Still, enjoy the rather euro-korean centric presentation here.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New flavour

Heads up gelato lovers!
Alfero which I mentioned previously has a new flavour on offer. New to me anyway and it's Banana.
Not a big fan of banana flavoured dessert generally, but this has quite the potential to change my mind.


Recently there was a column in our local newspaper (unfortunately no links here) that was talking about old buildings in Singapore. I only glanced through the article so what I am commenting on is based on an impression, rather than a actual deconstruction.

The main point that stuck in my head relates to the balance of preserving the old and clearing the way for the new. The writer's pragmatic advice is that clearing away those without significant offering to nation building is acceptable. Practical, very business like and with precision calculation of worth. It would seem logical when land space is at a premium.

Now I hate doing social commentary as it tend to follow with you-say I-say devolving into I hate you, you hate me. This topic of conservation vs modernization happen to intrigue me, so I shall attempt in this post to crystallize my thought. (Hey it's my blog! Why should it bother you! Shoo!).

My perspective in the face of new malls sprouting like mushrooms and massive road works is this: All those old buildings are like memories. At the rate things are changing, I go around Singapore muttering "Hey wasn't such and such building here before?" I bet this is a taste of how dementia patient feel.

Is ripping up and tearing down so many like the onset of national dementia? I can't help but feel so much like a stranger at home at times. The speed which it happens at is also the problem. I can visit a town in UK almost a decade apart and still know my way around, three months here and I can get confused.

Here is to being a stranger at home. The Rochor center, which will be a mere memory in 5 years time, is so familiar to geeks in Singapore.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tweets from Mars

The boxy lady on Mars has tweeted some travel photos. (E.T. phone home is so last century)

It is a huge panorama, with some missing parts, understandable considering the long distance connection.
Go here to view the latest Martian vista.

The full resolution JPEG file is about 9 MB

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Monday, August 06, 2012

How do you get a SUV on to Mars

NASA is nearing the end of a mission that could be dramatically ended or a new beginning to space exploration.

The Mars Science Laboratory  is a huge project. Follow it here.

At this time of writing, it is about 13 hours before the Curiosity Rover land on the Red Planet. What it will find is another story, now the crucial part is landing it. Mars's rather thin atmosphere is making it challenging to the engineers.

Is the complicated maneuver typical NASA or is it simply the only way? Brings to mind the story about designing the best writing implement for zero gravity, where the Russians simply used a pencil instead of a convoluted pen design by the Americans.

Still, it is something out of a movie but with real stakes.

I hope it succeed and avoid the waking up something evil apocalyptic story end.

Watch the dramatic simulation of the landing while following the time delay news from NASA

Follow the detailed schematics of the landing at this amazing slide show

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Street View @ NASA

This is very very cool!
Thanks to Google Maps Street View.

Also see the Gallery


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Alfero Gelato

There is Gelato and then there is Alfero Gelato

Anyone can claim they use the freshest ingredients, but only some you can really taste it.
The chef is one Marco Alfero, Italian obviously who trained at The Gelato University of Carpigiani.
Now that is passion! Stupid as it may sound to pragmatic Singaporeans, that is really pride in what you love to do.

To quote his website:
"As a kid, he has always love eating gelato and would even eat gelato like a regular meal. He still loves eating gelato and has always dreamed of becoming a gelato chef."
That is someone you know can make good gelato!

I have only recently visited his website for "ahem" research, but I have been enjoying his gelato at Marina Square since he started.

For an Italian, he does a mean Durian Gelato with a seriously rich flavour that last to the final scoop but is not overpowering that makes you a little sick.

Chocolate lovers will love their version, a deceptively pale looking dark chocolate gelato. It is pure indulgence.

Coffee lovers I recommend pairing their basic Coffee with Vanilla, it's like a cold fluffy Affogato.

I don't have much pictures to share as I am more eager to eat it than snap it. Plus a word of warning, if ordering for kids, don't let them run off first. It melts very fast, especially with a cone.

One of my favourite is Limone and I could not figure out what to pair it with for a long time, until I tried the Mango flavour. That hit the spot.

Go taste the Gelato. They are very generous with sampling, but seriously, you need to part with some money and appreciate the complex taste slowly. It is almost a religious experience.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Black and White PureView

The 808 can take quite decent pictures with enough details to mess around with Lightroom. However I do wonder what would it be to access the RAW data.

Here is a comparison between a monochrome Lightroom treatment and fresh out of camera.

Pure Crazy

Ok it is official I am crazy about the PureView.

At a StarHub shop, the conversation went like this
Me: What is different about the HTC One phone.
Nice HTC Promoter: Oh it has quad core and runs the latest Android. It has Beats Audio and has the best camera of it's class..
Me: No it doesn't, my phone has the best camera.

It was a lighthearted conversation, nothing serious, the nice guy asked about the PureView, he was surprised about the availability in Singapore. Still somehow this cameraphone has gotten me rather defensive, I hardly jump at things like that.

Note to Nokia: Your marketing sucks for the PureView. The young man didn't even know the phone was available in the shop just OPPOSITE. Then again he works for HTC.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

More PureView Pictures

Car park of Garden by the Bay
Love the greenery and sunlight pouring in like a spot light.

Resort World Sentosa

Puss in the Mountain

The big kitty cat from the mountain has arrived. Based on the introduction by Apple, it makes your Mac feel like any iOS device. Their default browser Safari has come out from the wilderness and feels more like....Chrome, the one from Google, although I must say the pinch-swipe to navigate tabs is pretty neat. Not quite enough to make me jump on the Safari ride as yet.

For once Apple is making it cheap to upgrade and everyone else seems to have been eager to shut up and part with money.

Looks like we are getting deeper into the Walled Garden of Cupertino with iClouds overhead. Once you are in, you can never get out....*cue evil laugh*

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unexpected Garden

Sometimes people can screw up your schedule, but at times it can end up an opportunity for a unscheduled distraction. With an hour to spare, I made a quick trip to latest attraction of this region if not the world.

Good for testing the Nokia 808. I have only explored the entrance area, so there are plenty to see still.
PureView with Lightroom ahead.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My bag feels so light after reading this from Gizmodo. It shares the bag contents of one Steve Wozniak.
Then again, he can afford it.

I heart PureView

Well well, looks like I am not quite alone in liking the poor orphaned child of Nokia. In the short time since it's launch, the 808 has gotten quite a fan club.

PureView Club
This group actually started since the 808 was announced. Talk about love at first sight. Lots of news and discussion. Which led me to the next item.

From ZDNet, the title is self explanatory: Another week with the Nokia 808 PureView convinces me it's worth the $700. I think the main problem is the Symbian OS or rather the perception. I had used Symbian S60 previously and by the E52 it was clearly buggy. Belle is definitely different in performance, far more responsive and stable.

One thing I find missing is the ability to upload to Picasa webalbum directly. If I am ever desperately in need of connecting to Picasa, I can actually transfer to my N9 which in turn can upload to my account.

So much trouble you say? Three simple letters: NFC. I snap on the 808, open the gallery, put them together at the NFC antenna and voila! The image is sent via bluetooth automatically provided the phones have been paired previously. Very fast and automatic.

Volker Weber is the owner of the blog vowe dot net, I particularly like this post about going back to the 808 , something I can attest to.

Lastly this Finnish blogger, Jarmo Timonen, has patiently gathered all the music videos he made with the PureView. Quite amazing recordings for a mobile phone.

Enjoy this video of a misunderstood, underrated and under sold phone

Sunday, July 15, 2012


PureView with a little Lightroom magic.

Things to be thankful for:

Shade on a sunny day.

Solid ground. No mudslides, flooding or bomb craters, how great is that!

Look up. Best wallpaper on the best Super definition screen.

Update on the PureView


What is a gadget without accessories?

Screen protectors are generally a must, even with the magical Gorilla Glass cover. A little quirk is the left and right edges of the PureView screen curves down into the poly-carbonate casing, so the current screen protector available is actually short of the long edge of the screen, by at least 2 mm. That is irritating because it will always have gunk building up there. Good thing is Nokia actually supplies the phone with quite a good temporary protector. From past experience, they last pretty long for something temporary.

Official casing offered is the C-3046 which comes with a lens cover. It is a pretty stiff silicone casing, which I do recommend as the bulging lens assembly has some shiny metal parts that can get scratched, worse is cracking the lens glass.  Interestingly behind the glass cover the lens has a separate cover, that automatically opens while the camera app is active. Negative about the casing is I think the loudspeaker is dampened a little. The dedicated camera button becomes a little harder to press, resulting in accidentally taking a shot while trying to turn on the camera..

Nokia has on offer a tripod adapter as well, the HH-23, which is available in Singapore despite it missing from the local website. Costing SGD$18, it is a poly-carbonate spring loaded clamp with a tripod screw hole. Unfortunately I think it was designed for use without the casing, so beware of flying phones if not too gentle.

Update: As I suspected. the tripod mount does not work well with the casing, there is a tendency for the phone to slip out of the clamps. In fact, I think it needs a bit of adjustment as it does not allow for the curved backing and deeper body of the PureView, even the placement of the slider lock key is not considered. It works perfect on the N9.
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