Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why they are good.

When you see someone in action, you can tell they are good at what they do. The subject matter in this strange photo shoot is people, and the photographer is really good at interacting with the people, putting them at ease and allowing the best elements to emerge. Pretty fascinating to watch.

Thanks to DigitalRev TV and Chase Jarvis

Great quote from his blog

Thursday, December 22, 2011

HCM Fried Rice

Ah, the privilege  of good home cook meals.

And yes, that was all mine. How do you think I have the ring around my middle earth?

Canton Paradise

This is a new offering from the ever expanding Paradise Group, concentrating on Cantonese / Hong Kong flavours. As with most Chinese restaurants here, the culinary distinction is however not so clear cut, bits of other regions slip in, but the Cantonese style of cooking and flavouring is prominent. It is also located at one of the latest shopping malls 112 Katong.

The star of the meal is the Char Siew with Honey Glaze. This is made with Pork Belly and is tender without being overly fatty. The Chinese name for the dish literally translates as Fat Lady Char Siew, but the smallish portions is not likely to make you one, if you share!
Char Siew with Honey Glaze

About Blogger

Blogger has a cool tool if you are just curious about who reads your blog, but apparently the stats are a little too flattering. So when there is a spike in Pageviews, thinking how cool that is, you hop over to Traffic sources to see who is your new fan, STOP!

Don't click on the referring link.

A lot are Referral Spam sites apparently, they are NOT interested in you. Unless you are looking for a new porn link, don't click, don't look. For more information read this Blogger FAQ. Also the real deal on Blogger.

Excuse me while I go pick up my deflated ego.

True Geek

This really calls to the inner geek. Don't skip the cheesy version of the Christmas Carol either, it is a little funny who the ghosts are.

Follow after the jump, the video may cause browser to crash....mine did after a while. Still worth watching if you can get it running.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A clean slate

What is a slate in computing terms? This is Microsoft's term for this between-er class "PC", apparently to distinguish from the ubiquitous tablet from Apple. Basically it is a notebook without a keyboard, simple enough!
Or if you prefer the trendier Ultra-book. The King of "Ultra-book" to me is the 11 inch Macbook Air, the Net-book who didn't like to be called that!
Not another Tablet!

Tablets are becoming common, which  is good when stuck underground in stalled subways, but there are times when life is normal, you wish to have something more powerful to run programs that don't simply toss furious feathered creatures around.

This particular machine is a Samsung Slate. Nothing too remarkable as notebooks go by but definitely in the middle to high range of portables, clearly reflected in the pricing as well. What got my attention was not the rather confused review by Engadget, but the fact that it is basically a Cintiq with built in computing power. Although it is far less sophisticated than the very expensive Artist's tool, it IS Wacom. Repeat after me..WACOM.

I can already envisage what I would do on this machine, with that Pen, things would look really straight and aligned.

Light Art

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eggs and Oysters

This is just one of the many variations of fried egg with oysters. The egg is undiluted, pure in egg-y goodness, a little crispy in parts, tender in others. Providing heat is not the usual sambal chilli, but chinese style chilli with a hint of sze-chuan pepper. The oysters are just a touch  before being overdone, so it is still soft with the flavour of the sea, but purist would probably scream murder.

Xi Men Ding Taiwan Cuisine

Sunday, December 04, 2011


The thrill of getting a brand new gadget is something we geeks are familiar with. Nowadays, the pleasure is extended to the process of unwrapping, sometimes we are even distracted from the actual gadget by the layers to be unpeeled.

I am a big fan of Wacom tablets since their ArtPad II tablet. Not that I actually achieve anything on it, but the tech is solid. (A little secret: It is powering the cool pen function on the Samsung Galaxy Note)

The 3rd generation of tablet for mortals are now available and is the most refined and user friendly. Priced at a fraction of their professional level Intuos range, the Bamboo tablet now captures 1024 levels of pressure and is touch friendly. It brings the magic of Apple's Magic Track Pad to Windows users on top of the excellent Pen functions. Yes the full magic of multi-touch gestures and WIRELESS freedom with an optional wireless module.

Enjoy the minimalist package design..

Update: Found this couple of YouTube videos showing said pleasure. Link only...
Unboxing Pen and Touch
Unboxing Wireless Accessory

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