Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rolling it

Take some root vegetable, shred it, stew it and roll it up in a thin wrap basically describes popiah. Nonya style popiah is different in the bankwang stew, which lightly spices the chinese flavoured foundation and prawns replaces dried sausage slices cutting back on any heaviness. The other aspect is the wrap, instead of the usual wheat based form, here it is eggy tenderness, a bit harder to handle but yummy.

Everyday Eats

Mince meat noodles is almost a dietician's nightmare mostly due to the sauce, yet without the right sauce, the whole dish falls apart. Most of the time people choose the "dry" sinful version which should be a little more salty, a little more fire with chili, perhaps a little tart with vinegar and bound together with a perfect balance of oil, preferably lard.
Of course you can have it dunk in soup, which sounds simple, but actually a lot harder to make it tasty. Most of the time I find the soup so lifeless it is like atoning for lifelong gluttony.

Here is our version of the all day breakfast dish.

Bak Chor Mee Ta

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A really pretty face


This really brings back memory, my first serious camera was a Fujica 35mm camera, passed down from my father. Same look, metal with black inlay, throw in the ingenious hybrid optical viewfinder, I am drooling like Homer Simpson at Candy Fair. My GXR is getting a little jealous.
Borrowed from Wikipedia.

New Temptations

Photokina 2010 is now on, bringing new temptations to gadget seekers.

For Ricoh Fan Boys like me, the most obvious news is the finally officially announced 28mm module
From DPReview
Ricoh has kept away from offering a macro lens this time, presumably trying to squeeze a wide angle and macro in a small size would probably make it too expensive. The regrettable bit about this new module is it would have been wonderful if it was a 24mm equivalent and aperture of f2.0, especially since there is no image stabilization for low light hand held occasions.
Also another note to Ricoh, it would be good to let us manually control the built in ND filter. Please?

The last word about this module is I want it NOW.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shooting from scratch

Cook, photo-stylist and photographer. Wow.
No Recipes
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