Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shanghai Expo

Holding a party with an open invitation in a country, population 1.3 billion, means one thing. Crowds.

The World Exposition has a long history and finally it is within reach of a 5 hour flight. Despite the ease of air travel, the World Fair is a once a lifetime event for some and this is the closest, geographically and temporally speaking,  it will get to us. After juggling work schedule and unscientific prediction of the crowd situation, a date was set, accommodation and flights paid for.

Crowds. This day it was reported 500,000 visitors entered the site. This was just at one of the 8 gates, and half the holding section for queues to the security checkpoints. People were generally good natured and orderly. Occasionally you get some kungfu masters who one moment would be 2-3 persons behind and next they are 3-4 persons ahead. Sometimes they move in a big group of 3 generations. Annoying but it is best to smile about it, lesser risk of getting a stroke.

The lull before the storm. This is the dedicated underground service that runs within the site.

And here they come

Still the ride was quite comfortable

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