Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How do you carry your GXR?

Apparently the decision to buy a new toy can simply be determined by how you are going to carry it around. What about a camera then? With cheap DSLRs, there seem to be a trend of simply hanging it around the neck like a fashion accessory, but my neck would strongly disagree. Also the thought of swinging the camera around and getting knocked about really scares me.

The obvious answer is to get a bag, but which bag? Most camera bags are just either bulky or almost single purpose. I needed something all purpose to lug around the rest of my toys and things from real life, you know, like bills! When I am off work, I hate to carry a bag that screams LAPTOP INSIDE, or STEAL ME EXPENSIVE CAMERA.

I found an all purpose casual bag that suits me except it doesn't protect the GXR, fortunately salvation came in the form of a video camera bag from Case Logic. Actually I have 2 versions of it, the latest acquisition was due to the new 28mm camera unit. It comfortably carries the camera with one unit attached and the other unit free. However with the EVF attached, it gets really tight and I do worry about the stress on the hot-shoe, so no EVF. With the GXR safely cocooned, I can carry it in my man-bag (Don't call it a murse, please!).

Sorry I can't show you my main bag, but to give an idea of the size, I can just squeeze in an 11 inch MacBook Air broad side first. Of course when I do really own the 11 incher, I can report if it plays nice with this video bag.

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