Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alternative Camera

Let me just say this about the iPod Touch Camera.


Either that or it does interpretive photography by default.

No the photo above is not of some paranormal phenomenon, it was taken at a concert. Sure the person has a divine voice but definitely he does not glow divinely. (Though some fans would probably say he does.) Ironic that I was lucky to get so close but the iPod Touch decided the personality was dazzling and interpreted as such.

Ok, some may ask, where was my Ricoh?

Well unfortunately, being the naive sheep that I am, I thought since photography and videography is "banned", I didn't want to chance having to foster out my Ricoh in some forsaken cubical and risk some harried staff member giving it away accidentally. So much for the ban, people actually came in with a DSLR bling-bling around their neck.

Still while I did take some shots, I do respect the artist and avoided capturing actual performances.

So much for using the Touch as a standby camera. It is only for sunny days and motionless objects unless you like interpretive photos.

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