Thursday, March 08, 2012

The new New

Interesting conversation in the near future.

Clueless: I want the new iPad, do you have it?
Store: No, we only the iPad2 at the moment

Clueless: So when will the iPad3 come out?
Store: Oh, there is no iPad3, the new iPad will come out in mid-march.

Clueless: But you just said, the new iPad will be here, isn't it the iPad3?
Store: Yes the new iPad will be here, but no iPad3

Clueless: But now you have the old iPad, which is 2 but isn't the new one 3?
Store: Yes, but the new is not 3 just new. The old is 2 but the new is not 3.

Forward to a year later.
Clueless: My old iPad is broken, I want the new iPad.
Store: Oh I got the old new iPad and the new new Ipad, wait a while more a newer new iPad will be here. So which one you like to have?
Clueless: Er.... I will just have the new iPad.

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