Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple Cart (Updated)

So it's official. The iPad. (It's not on the Singapore Apple site as yet. What's new?! Second Class Customer)

The device is almost as boring as the name, offering nothing new from the smaller and older iPhone.
Biggest difference is just that - Big. Does wonders for old folks (relatively speaking) like us. (9.7" vs 10" is not a lot, but why not 10" or 10.1"??)

Apple is now using their own chip once again, a 1Ghz A4 chip and probably the same technology that powers the current macbooks. The iPad runs for 10 hours and a standby for 1 month?! Got to see to believe. Good if it doesn't explode, considering how much power it is packing in the half inch slimness. Ok I am being mean with that.  (Apple loves beveling to give an illusion of slimness)

Dislike the thick thick bezel around the screen, makes it larger than necessary. Give me edge to edge screen! No expansion slots, an SD slot would be useful for transferring data, bluetooth is less useful for me. (SD expansion comes optional. Mr Jobs? it should come standard for USD$500!) No options for 3G or more connection? Probably tethering to iphone?  So it has 3G models. (Oh yes unlocked! Oh no micro-sim card! What?! The great Jobs giveth and the great Jobs taketh)

iBook is their new app, with 5 publishers as partners. At least they acknowledge the Kindle as the forerunner device. I bet iBook store will not work in Singapore. We maybe full paying customers for the device but we won't get the service.

With the higher horsepower under the hood, they have ported iWorks over to the pad. That I think is a good move, as it is a well designed software that is actually usable. Definitely a netbook killer. Running iWorks on hackingtosh netbook is still frustrating at best.  Though I don't think it would be easy doing a full document either. Catch? It is US$10 for EACH of the iWork module.

No true multitasking as in running 2 apps simultaneously. Would like to be able to shuffle between apps rather than tap-home button-tap and restarting each time.

Most importantly, it starts at USD$499, just close to SGD$700. Yet to see if it is worth it. The very first successful netbook Asus EeePc cost around the same with less storage, with a web-cam, built in SD reader. Would the iPad have the problem of the flash disk failing from multiple read-write? Of course the current batch of netbooks have far more storage and better video capability and cheaper. Hard to compare speed as they are running a full desktop operating system as opposed to mobile OS.

"Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price"

Magical? Revolutionary? Boring and indulgent, to quote Mr Cowell.

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