Friday, January 15, 2010


Just seen the movie. (Who has time and energy for books?!!) . So how does this chick flick relates to this blog? The film recreates 2 lives and connects them visually in seemingly disparate worlds.
Ok Ok I am definitely no film critic but I can appreciate the different themes.

Who am I?
This question bothered both Js. What are we doing with our lives? Where are we heading?
What am I doing with this blog?

Julia found her place in life and pursued it passionately, tenaciously. The scene where she is intensely slicing onions into a small snowy hill is the cover picture to her life as a chef. Of course it is also a masterclass in comedic acting by Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci. Very subtle, very simple and very funny.

The love of food binds these two women separated by time and distance. Interestingly, there were very few scenes where the food is clearly seen, although they were carefully prepared. The DVD extras (who has time and money for Cinema??!!) had a small section on the food and I think the director Ms Ephron mentioned the limited shots even though she loves "food pornography"

Food pornography is why I am writing this post (see I did learn a little about setting up the scene). Most casual photographers like me will have a collection of food photos. It is a primal connection between the eye and the stomach. Very few can resist. Yet like the movie, food while taking centerstage does not overwhelm everything else. The plate, the table and silverware, all are part of the scene, without which the food falls apart and has no meaning.

The final scene, where Julia and Paul enter their kitchen, settles into their position and culminates with Julia rejoicing is masterful in its simplicity. Each kitchen element naturally in place, a low evening light with long gentle shadows on the floor. On opposite side of the scene, Paul seated looks up at Julia standing with her book in hand. It is a beautiful study of still life.

That would be something I aspire to.


ben said...

I'll be the first to admit I have a collection of food photos! Haha!

Lingspic said...

And here's to more food and photos

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