Friday, July 09, 2010

Ricoh GXR

Trying out the A12 module with its APS-C size sensor.

f/2.8 1/125s iso 3200

A little more difficult to use with a narrower depth of field compared to the P10. Under low light condition, it doesn't lock where you want easily. With the current firmware upgrade version 1.17, there are a few tricks to make macro focusing less miss more hits.

My unit came with the original firmware, closeup focusing meant hunting from 7cm to 30cm. It takes quite some time while the camera tries to make up its mind, slow as it has to move the lens elements a fair distance, basically the lens extends to double its length. Just a whole lot to move.

The new update includes an option to limit the macro range. Pick 7-10 cm and the lens extends to the maximum, much less hunting even if it returns with a red warning. The other range is 10-30cm, much the same with less extension. Not quite happy with the results on screen? You can use the manual fly by wire focusing ring or just move the lens back and forth. The screen is large and clear enough for me, just don't expect it for professional use. The focusing ring also comes with 2 speed, use on its own you get fine slow focusing. Hold the macro button down, it kicks into second gear for a quick-er focus.
Autofocus  can be combined with manual focus by holding the shutter button at half press and turning the focus ring.

Options options and options. That is what is great about Ricoh, you make your tool YOUR tool.  Unfortunately it means a lot more work is needed to get results, for some its a long journey. Not for the impatient.

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