Thursday, July 22, 2010

Singapore Garden Festival 2010

The Garden Festival is back, unfortunately between work and a long annoying cold, I could not set aside much time to visit. So when there was a lull in my schedule, I grabbed my shiny new Ricoh GXR and made my way down to Suntec City.

It was getting crowded when I arrived late afternoon, view and shoot meant contenting with posers and people oblivious to other people around them. I joined the crowd. The Halls of Suntec expo halls rarely look so beautiful, the organisers transported a small jungle and filled up the walkways.
I was not the only one with the GXR that day, bumped into another Ricoh GXR user, this is the first time so far. Didn't stay to chat, as I was on the clock and hoping to clear my head of the day's earlier irritations.
The top level was dedicated to Garden Design Competition and other Landscape showoffs, absolutely gorgeous and calming. Did 2 rounds of the floor, maximising the use of the A12 and P10 units. Lighting was definitely a problem as to preserve the ambience of the displays, and I was doing hand held all the way.
Anyway it was a good chance to stress test the high ISO performance of both units. The A12 was short on image stabilisers as I am not the most steady of hands and the P10 was strained trying to capture at iso 1600. All in all not that many pictures capture and even far fewer decent, plus in my haste, there was only about half the battery charge left.

All in all it was still a relaxing afternoon, although I find nature being man handled into cramped designs a bit er unnatural sometimes.

Ricoh GXR A12

Ricoh GXR P10

Shopping at the garden

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