Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fruity Aluminium

Personal computers have been constantly evolving ever since the time of Commodore, Atari and Apple. In the great circle of silicon life, one company has been making in roads into our lives, well mine at least.

In the great Windows (don't call it PC please) versus Mac debate, I feel that Apple has made a winning case for it's side. At the very least they are profitting from it. The Mac side has 2 simple advantage, stability and ease of use. By stability I mean leaving your machine in standby mode and jumping back straight to work, without funny coloured screen. Sure Mac crashes too, but far less annoyingly than Windows. Linux users would probably make a strong point for their favourite OS, but sorry I am only familiar with the Mac variant of Unix. The iPad/iOS platform makes this argument even more evident.

As for ease of use, if you simply use Apple priced stuff, Macs run pretty fuss free. Just don't plug in things like Windows based keyboard while trying to change boot up options, the Mac EFI is a linguistic snob. The latest Mac App store exemplify this culture of ease of use, click buy and it pops on your dock installs. No queries of what directory, or endless clicks of NEXT. The price however is that Apple plugs into your life like a primitive version of the Matrix.

As a result, I have collected quite a few Apple aluminium pieces. Buy one Mac and you end up with more peripherals than you should have, how devious the Almighty Steve.

Life is looking very Aluminium. Expensive Aluminium.

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