Sunday, February 27, 2011


Rice flour. Water. Roll it.

That the basic premise of Chee Cheong Fun. This is the Ipoh interpretation. Mr Makansutra likes it and talked about it. I revisited this forgotten (by me) area of the Katong-Geylang Gastronomic District recently and "discovered" this.

Unpretentious street snacks are the offerings, Chee Cheong Fun the star, but they have things like Yam Cake, Ngo Hiong (5 spice rolls) actually in 2 versions. To wash it all down, Soya Bean drinks are the main choice.

I had the Yam cake which is tender and not mushy, no danger of your jaws being stuck. But once the first dishes arrive and eating started, I totally forgot the camera. So what you see is the Anson Special Chee Chong Fun and the Curry Pig Skin Chee Cheong Fun. Feel your arteries clogging yet?

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