Thursday, September 22, 2011

Endangered species

I missed the HP Touchpad recently before it's premature demise. Now looking forward to the next doomed from start gadget. Don't know why, but I seem to gravitate towards endangered gadgets.

The Nokia N9

The official site is here. Swipe is natural, swipe is good.

The N9 runs MeeGo, basically Linux on a mobile platform. In terms of Apps, which seem to be the defining criteria for a successful smartphone, Nokia will lose out for sure. The king of the hill is obviously Apple. By itself, the N9 is sufficiently impressive for me as a phone that can connect to the internet. I hardly use my iPod Touch more than what is demonstrated for the N9, even though I have quite a lot of apps.

What I like is the interface, familiar to iOS users but more logical and intuitive. Definitely designed for one handed operation.

The following clip basically shows the guy swiping through different aspects of the phone. Be warned, it is a masochistic exercise to watch it, there is no narration and you have to resist the urge to grab the phone from his hand.

The screen looks nice and bright, as responsive as iOS. The MeeGo is not as walled up and anyone can reach the Root directory from the Setting function, possibly destroying your phone? Thankfully that is defaulted to off, but eager toddlers just might do that somehow. The Android system is similar, but a little too cluttered for me, mentally I don't have an affinity for it, no matter how powerful it is.

Unfortunately, Nokia has decided MeeGo is No Go and gone off to Tango with Microsoft's Mango. This will be first and the last of it's kind.

It is a good thing to adopt this poor little orphan, I guess.

PS: It takes a full 55 seconds to boot up...touch on the slow side I guess.

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