Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Magic Window

Finally! The latest gift from the gods of Cupertino have arrived on the shores of our fair island.

When on the course of running errands, I get to pass the great halls of worship with their white walls, so I have been stalking the latest and greatest. Oh you know that great amazing magic window that allows you such great clarity of the world around you. No no, not around you, IN the screen you fool!

Ah yes, there it was, alone on the pristine white table. It's form long so famous before its appearance, I recognize it a mile, sorry, 5 meters away. The right side was no longer dominated by that long ugly scar, a wound that we would keep open by slicing it with an old fashion optical blade. No wonder we could not ascend into the iClouds.

I rushed to the front of the white altar, trembling with excitement at the thought of beholding that magical, AWESOME window.

I wanted to be amazed, shocked and awed into a warbling mass of jelly!

I wanted to have that tremendous feeling of flying in the air among the iClouds.

I was..

I was..

I was.. I just mentally screamed in my best Singlish.

"Lie DAT onee har?!"

(Translation: "That's it?" WTF optional depending on emotional status. Singlish is a compact yet many layered version of English)

Suddenly I was brought back to reality, feeling heretical among the faithful.

I glanced and then stared at the less magical version next to it. Yes I can see the difference, slowly. Less magic more fuzz, less color, smudgy black. Less $ also, all 500 of it.

The AI or perhaps SIRI even, sensed my unbelief and stopped my further probing. Safari stopped connecting to the internet and I could not view any thing else to support or change my conclusion. I tried iPhoto but was distracted by the 27 inch Apple Display stationed  in between.

Sure the colour is more intense, the black has more depth just like my N9 (sorry I cannot help myself since my phone is like the giant Panda, almost extinct!). It has less glare, that is evident, especially since the less magical are super reflective.

Yes it is also flatter, but hardly airy fairy like the Air, just enough for a bag to accommodate an iPad more comfortably.

So being "denied" the internet connection, (yes call me sensitive SIRI.) I decided to resume my errands. Leaving the white halls of the store, I came to the conclusion that the latest and the best Cupertino magic is for the young and rich. Worn out eyes and anorexic wallets are simply not worthy of the love that Sir Ives has lavished.

As I write this on my comfortably clear Full HD 24 inch Dell screen, I tell myself one thing:"I am not worthy".

And dream of a Retina 27 Apple Display.

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