Monday, June 25, 2012

Trojan horse

All is not good in Espoo.

Windows is a Trojan horse brought in by Mr Elop. Now with the latest Microsoft announcement of Windows Phone 8, Nokia is blowing up inside out in painfully slow motion.

Read: Microsoft screws over Nokia and At the Salo end of Nokia's deep crisis

Microsoft announced at least 6 months ahead of Phone 8 supposed release means buyers holding back on new phones. No full update for current users makes lots of upset customers. Seems like Microsoft's plan to head off Apple by being more like Apple made them worse than Apple. Planned obsolescence over at Cupertino  was at least much less painful than Redmond's.

Poor Nokia is left with 6 months of poor or no sales before even introducing the new Phone 8 models.

A Greek tragedy unfolding in the far north.

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