Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lumia my day

The icing on the cake for the day was spotting this on my regular walkabout.
Taken with Nokia 808
Yes fellow Red-Dotters! The enormous, mindbogglingly heavy Lumia 920 are up for preview. They are estimated to arrive for sale in the first week of December.

I had the opportunity to hold one. The Nokia Rep had his personal unit and was willing to let customers hold it. Stupidly I actually asked why was he allowed to get one before the rest. Green was my colour.

The Windows OS navigation is a bit of a learning curve, but nothing too difficult.

I tried the camera of course, it is quite responsive and the Optical Stabilisation seem to work quite well. The camera settings are far less sophisticated than the 808 and works more in an Auto mode.

One quirk though. The 920 NFC doesn't connect well to the N9 and 808. I could not transfer photos as seamlessly as between the 808 and N9, but Bluetooth transfer works well manually.

Now comes the complaint of so many tech reviewers, that the 920 is too heavy.
My first immediate impression was: It is very comfortable to hold and feels like it will stay without taking wings to a concrete oblivion. This is based on holding a tethered display set.

Now while holding the Rep's personal phone, I had no issue with the weight. Perhaps the various reviewers was like the lady who asked to try my 808 and found it heavy.

Nonetheless, after actually holding the phone and I felt I had to respond in particularly to one review.

Warning: Mild Profanity 

Dear Mr Sam Biddle

The following is my opinion of your review in Gizmodo of the Lumia 920.

This phone is not fucking way way too HEAVY. There was no visceral instant repulsion nor do I feel exasperated  holding it. My hand have not been deformed in anyway bearing it's supposedly incredible weight. I have to inform you that I am very very mortal nor have I been exposed to comical amount of gamma radiation and it fits quite nicely in my hands and fingers.

You Sir, are either lying about your experience or suffering from a disability. If the latter, I offer my apologies and sympathy. Otherwise, you are a Princess moaning about a fucking pea.

Glad to know that you won't be in the way for the rest of us mortals to owning this beautifully designed work of art.

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