Thursday, July 19, 2007

Filters and GX100

Apparently there are a lot more GX100 users in Singapore. I just tried to get 43mm filter AND step-up rings, seems the two shops I prefer are out. One told me it's due to the recent popularity of, what else, GX100. Step up rings are the last resort, but apparently no 43-58mm, so the filter for the G6 can't be used.


face said...

hi, i'm looking very hard to buy a GX100 in Singapore, can recommand a shop and price?
my email is, thank you very much!!!

Lingspic said...

Hi face, I normally go to Alan Photo at Sim Lim Sq. I got someone who is a veteran to help with the bargaining, I am very BAD at that.
Good luck!

The Grammar Terrorist said...

Hi, Ling

Just thought you might like to know you can get a Fuji F30 at Best Denki Ngee Ann City (5th level) for $449 -- it's a display set, so not exactly a bargain, but I guess if you desperately want an F30, this might do.

I wonder if you've tried PariSilk (Holland V and Bedok)? They're reputable and their prices are way below list. I got my FZ18 there for $636 last November and out of curiosity also asked about the GX100 -- I think it was going for $800+ there. No F30/31, I'm afraid.

Lingspic said...


Thanks for reading this still :)
I haven't been around myself much actually.

I will take a look at the F30 thanks for the tip.

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