Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ricoh GX100

Great little machine. Actually "pocket-able" except for jeans or anything fashionably slim, so you can carry it anywhere and it is discrete. Very comfortable to hold. How comfortable? Well I had been fixated on the R6 since its launch, so I had not noticed the GX100. One fine day at the camera shop, the sales rep slipped it into my hands and I went "Mmmmmm" like a popular yellow skinned bald man at the sight of a donut. It fits nicely in the hands, well my hands anyway, perfectly for a one handed shot. The pop-up flash is cool, no more finger-as-diffuser like the R5.

I must have really looked like Homer drooling, because the sales rep poured out the accessories, hood with adapter tube, EVF attachment and casing. The compact suddenly looks more like a compact SLR. Cool, now I can pass off as a photographer.

So that little pebble of a thought just rolled on to a full avalanche, lots of help from a good friend channeling a Sith Lord "It is your destiny". So now I own a GX100. Well, Okay, it did take a week before the actual purchase, but that was because I had to learn from the wise ones AKA DPReview Ricoh forum.

My GX100 presented by Canon G6

R5 vs GX100

1. 100 is shhhhh..silent. Subtle. With the R5's grinding gears, I had half expected it to transform into a ion cannon or something...too bad it doesn't.
2. 100 has a clear and stable LCD. No snow storms in between operations.
3. 100 uses metal for the tripod screw hole.
4. 100 uses a flimsy rubber cover for the USB port. R5 has no cover.
5. 100 is $$$. Sigh. More than R5/R6 but generally less than a DSLR with lenses and everything.

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