Saturday, July 14, 2007

100th Experience

The Start Button

The R5 and GX100 both start up pretty quickly for the first shot. I thought using a lever like the Canon G6 is more tactile, but the 100 is good too, less fiddly then the R5, and not likely to turn off suddenly when I accidentally hit the power button for the shutter. I do that a lot with the G6 and have missed quite a few snaps.

The lens cap on the 100 is quite firmly attached, which unfortunately resulted in the camera having to scream "TAKE IT OFF" on screen when you forget. This makes the lens cycle though extension and retraction a few times depending on how slow you are to respond.

Coming from the R5, its easy navigating around the 100, the difference is the extra jog wheel that pairs pretty well with the ADJ button, now also a jog wheel. Unfortunately I have a tendency to dial too fast and over shoot . Still in the process of learning to use the additional My setting options.

Options and Options

A question though, why is there no Shutter priority option? It is strange since the 100 has a wide range of shutter speed. It has a very slow speed of 180 seconds, a full 3 minutes of exposure time though I do wonder if will be practically useful.

To get around that problem, I found I could use Program Shift P mode, spinning the jog wheels and adjust from the current recommended exposure. This is clumsy if you want to take multiple shots at the same speed.

Next option with M, Manual. That was cool. Switch to that mode and you get a little EV meter on the screen. It reminded me of a old Fujica film camera, that had a TTL meter with a little needle bobbing up and down when you adjusted the shutter and aperture. Ah such memories, I even managed quite a few holiday shots using that old guy.

Batteries are interchangeable with the R5, so I could start without having to charge it first. Another great idea is the 100 can use 2 AAA size in the SAME slot for the rechargeable, no need for bulky adapters.

The adapter tube should come in handy for filters, like a skylight, polarizer or infrared.

This little picture was taken with the filter held just in front of the lens, the 43mm infrared filter is not available and they didn't have the right step up ring.

Text mode. Curious little option. It behaves just like a scanner/photocopier. I was inspired by flickr user ikilledversace

Just a little on RAW. I don't use it much, but I think it's too slow the write-time. How did Canon do it with the G6? That has a reasonable timing.

Light ! Azziz Light!

Ricoh somehow makes temperamental flashes or TTL metering. I have just given up on using the flash with my R5, especially at wide angle. My last attempt was at a wedding. I tried to take a snap of the couple marching down at the start of dinner and I caught another guest just to the side of the frame. The guest was washed out white while the main subjects were in the shadow.

The 100 was better, but it was still over exposing near objects. It was also very powerful at wide. Test snaps of my room was very bright. Most Matrix like, just no Neo. Choosing Soft Flash didn't help too much. Thought it was a compact thing, but not so with the G6, which also has adjustable flash levels manually AND TTL.

Ricoh, please improve on your Flash metering. Firmware update? Hardware of charge?

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