Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I heart PureView

Well well, looks like I am not quite alone in liking the poor orphaned child of Nokia. In the short time since it's launch, the 808 has gotten quite a fan club.

PureView Club
This group actually started since the 808 was announced. Talk about love at first sight. Lots of news and discussion. Which led me to the next item.

From ZDNet, the title is self explanatory: Another week with the Nokia 808 PureView convinces me it's worth the $700. I think the main problem is the Symbian OS or rather the perception. I had used Symbian S60 previously and by the E52 it was clearly buggy. Belle is definitely different in performance, far more responsive and stable.

One thing I find missing is the ability to upload to Picasa webalbum directly. If I am ever desperately in need of connecting to Picasa, I can actually transfer to my N9 which in turn can upload to my account.

So much trouble you say? Three simple letters: NFC. I snap on the 808, open the gallery, put them together at the NFC antenna and voila! The image is sent via bluetooth automatically provided the phones have been paired previously. Very fast and automatic.

Volker Weber is the owner of the blog vowe dot net, I particularly like this post about going back to the 808 , something I can attest to.

Lastly this Finnish blogger, Jarmo Timonen, has patiently gathered all the music videos he made with the PureView. Quite amazing recordings for a mobile phone.

Enjoy this video of a misunderstood, underrated and under sold phone

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