Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It is still alive! N9

Yippee! Any N9 users reading this : New update available!
Thanks to MyNokiaBlog and Nokia Swipe

Nokia might be crumbling under the assault from within and outside, but thanks to the Engineers toiling away, the one strange N9 is still getting updates. Sure, its nothing fantastic like iOS6 and Jelly Bean, but it gets the work done. It has some smarts to it and best of all, I don't have to worry about updates killing paid apps or slowing things down. Call me iRebel.

Oh as an aside, Corning Gorilla Glass is one tough a** cover. The video is in Italian, but the visual is pretty conclusive.  I can testify as I have been carrying my N9 around without a screen protector for the longest time or front cover either. Of course you have to treat it with care, but not as much as an iPhone considering they are quite similar in form. After so long, I only see very tiny scratches.

Nokia Pureview 808 scratch test

VIA MyNokiaBlog

PS: I love to listening to Italian being spoken, donta eska mia wai, Mamma Mia! è molto bella!

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