Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update on the PureView


What is a gadget without accessories?

Screen protectors are generally a must, even with the magical Gorilla Glass cover. A little quirk is the left and right edges of the PureView screen curves down into the poly-carbonate casing, so the current screen protector available is actually short of the long edge of the screen, by at least 2 mm. That is irritating because it will always have gunk building up there. Good thing is Nokia actually supplies the phone with quite a good temporary protector. From past experience, they last pretty long for something temporary.

Official casing offered is the C-3046 which comes with a lens cover. It is a pretty stiff silicone casing, which I do recommend as the bulging lens assembly has some shiny metal parts that can get scratched, worse is cracking the lens glass.  Interestingly behind the glass cover the lens has a separate cover, that automatically opens while the camera app is active. Negative about the casing is I think the loudspeaker is dampened a little. The dedicated camera button becomes a little harder to press, resulting in accidentally taking a shot while trying to turn on the camera..

Nokia has on offer a tripod adapter as well, the HH-23, which is available in Singapore despite it missing from the local website. Costing SGD$18, it is a poly-carbonate spring loaded clamp with a tripod screw hole. Unfortunately I think it was designed for use without the casing, so beware of flying phones if not too gentle.

Update: As I suspected. the tripod mount does not work well with the casing, there is a tendency for the phone to slip out of the clamps. In fact, I think it needs a bit of adjustment as it does not allow for the curved backing and deeper body of the PureView, even the placement of the slider lock key is not considered. It works perfect on the N9.

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