Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clash of the Tech-tans

The recently ended legal saga between Apple and Samsung had the tech blogger sphere abuzz, divided over the judgement declaring Samsung a copy cat. Actually the Appeals process is just started,  so the matter is far from over legally.

Samsung on the surface did appear to copy the iPhone, I still remember having to take a second look to see if some one was using either. However it did not take too long with Samsung's name across the top in shiny silver. The legal case is actually more complex than just that fleeting similarity, but I am not going to rehash the discussion that is all over the internet. 

The sum of money involved is mere pocket change to either giants, so the real ramifications from this tussle is the possible technical fallout. Will it allow Apple to go after other smartphone producers or hinder innovation as Samsung claims?

Frankly I think the rest of the world has moved on from simply catching up to Apple's iOS especially Android. Heck, Apple has not been actually completely original either, there are lots of ideas in iOS that have been done by someone else. Apple's strength is making something appear to be an "Aha" moment and very intuitive. Sleekness is the keyword.

All the devices listed as infringing Apple's patents are generally the older generation Androids which are bordering on turning into antiques in the fast paced tech world. Not so long after Judge Koh struck down her gavel for the last time, Samsung fired a shot across Apple's bow at this year's IFA.

Ranging from the Galaxy Note 2 to Windows 8 devices, Samsung has shown it can think beyond the Apple orchard. I think the thing that makes the most difference is the very thing that Steve Jobs dismissed, a stylus. It is almost as if Samsung was giving him a high tech finger.

I am quite impressed with the S Pen system, but being the stubborn mule that I am, Jelly Bean will not be my pick of dessert as yet. Still, enjoy the rather euro-korean centric presentation here.

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