Friday, August 31, 2012

Comex 2012

Singapore's third quarter tech "show" is on, yes we have one show every three months. Sadly it is nothing like IFA currently on in Berlin, which showcases upcoming toys. Here it is more like cheap-er sale, although if one has the tenacity and stamina to brave the crowds there are gems to be found.

This year however, I think the crowd situation just might be a real nightmare. Suntec City Convention Center is currently undergoing a make over. The usual access areas have been blocked off and security planning has gone into top gear. So those thinking of braving the weekend crowd, be warned. Most routes are now one-way and choose the wrong way you might need to detour back. While the distance is really minimal, but with  everyone packed in like sardines it just might be an explosive keg. The only entrance by foot is likely to be only the main entrance, even the way through Food Republic might be cordoned off.

That said, if you have the chance to go before the weekend, for PureView fans, the phone is going for SGD$799, down from $839 without contract. Availability is questionable considering the worldwide shortage, but for the brave and strong it might be a worth physical bruising to save $40. 

For possible discounts available, you can see the brochures here first.

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