Friday, August 31, 2012

PureView 808: Before and after

I had been and still am a Ricoh fanboy for a long time, but ever since the PureView 808, I have been neglecting the Ricoh. For the longest time, I almost always had a Ricoh in my bag, but the 808 is really much easier to bring around. While a dedicated camera like the GXR can be better for certain situations, it does not beat the 808 for convenience and speed. The capability of the 808 means more confidence in getting reasonable shots.

The only issue I currently have with the Nokia is that it can hang. I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but the 808 stalled on me yesterday for the third time. Being my secondary phone to the N9, I only use it mainly for photos and WhatsApp. When it hangs the screen remains frozen and could not power down using the power button, the only solution was to remove the battery. I have had this problem with the E52 previously and I suspect it could be due to Symbian not agreeing with me somehow.

Anyone out there with similar situation?

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