Monday, August 06, 2012

How do you get a SUV on to Mars

NASA is nearing the end of a mission that could be dramatically ended or a new beginning to space exploration.

The Mars Science Laboratory  is a huge project. Follow it here.

At this time of writing, it is about 13 hours before the Curiosity Rover land on the Red Planet. What it will find is another story, now the crucial part is landing it. Mars's rather thin atmosphere is making it challenging to the engineers.

Is the complicated maneuver typical NASA or is it simply the only way? Brings to mind the story about designing the best writing implement for zero gravity, where the Russians simply used a pencil instead of a convoluted pen design by the Americans.

Still, it is something out of a movie but with real stakes.

I hope it succeed and avoid the waking up something evil apocalyptic story end.

Watch the dramatic simulation of the landing while following the time delay news from NASA

Follow the detailed schematics of the landing at this amazing slide show

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