Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5

Semi live blogging...

It is official, the phone is 5, with a A6.

It is exactly what has been leaked. Duo tone backing.

The Apple keynote is like a Keynote template where you just drop in the name and specifications of the iDevice: The best phone design ever, the lightest ever, nothing like we have ever done before, we couldn't be prouder of it. Yada Yada.

Just like the Olympics, records are still being broken, but the differential is getting smaller and smaller. It is now 7.6mm thin, an 18% reduction from before. It "fits" just nice in your hands. Duh!

The camera is flattened a little but basically similar, except they can do a super panorama, up to 28 MPs.

Oh 3 microphones, for a moment I thought Rich Recording like Nokia? Hmmm wideband audio really sounds like Rich Recording.

Ah the connector is now called Lightning. You can plug it in either way. Thinner and more durable. Really? Looks like something that can snap with the wrong move. Class action someone? The adapter looks worse.

Here comes the iOS 6, with Scotty. Yawn already. Serious Yawn fest, but I shall struggle on!

Oh how delicious, Shared Photostream. Anyone on your sharing group will receive that oh so very naughty picture you took while drunk stupid! Oh is that your mistress? Oh so family friendly.

Uniquely bi-colored. Apple is all black and white, all Aluminium and Glass. Time to trade commodity?

"The variances from product to product we now measure in microns." Cameras actually take images of each case and select the appropriate back plate to fit.
Fascinating manufacturing process. Still a Yawn fest for a phone.

Available 21 September. iOS6 for everyone else on the 19th.

Ah wait, something new about music i.e. iTunes. Which we didn't get in Singapore for the longest time. Probably will be very US centric still. The interface is now "dramatically simpler" with a full page of tiles. Sounds familiar.

New iPods. Up first the Nano. Desperately in need of reinvention. Its got Lightning. Best Nano created, (see what I mean Yada Yada). Home button! How original. Multi-coloured oh wow. Built in pedometer. Bluetooth DUH!.

The iPod Touch is next. Template on, best, thinner, lighter. With Retina display left over from the iPhone 5, it is the poor man's iPhone without the phone. Better camera, finally. Oh Siri is present with sartorial flair for more colours.

Speakers. Hmmm. Something new? Oh its just headphones. Imagine there are 1.2 billion headphones out there! Imagine the spaghetti tangle! Nothing surprising here, the design had been leaked.

It has been a Yawn fest, clearly something for the truly faithful.

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