Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nokia oh Nokia

Oh dear, the time I was focusing on the PureView technology, Nokia's shares have dropped at least 16%. Apparently investors and the "market" are totally unimpressed by the presentation. (How do you know it is bad: Their shares are half the price of RIMM, maker of Blackberry phones.)

The worst sin was to omit the availability, release date and pricing. The presentation venue itself was rather small probably due to Nokia losing money and obviously the quality of the show was a bit uninspired. I think they rushed to get ahead of Apple before lining up their production ducks.

Faking a advertisement is also a serious No No. You just ruined a beautiful technology Nokia. 

Let Janet Takavoli tell you what went wrong with Nokia's business and sartorial decisions. 

I do agree that Apple does the best keynote presentation. They are tightly choreographed, hardly any glitches and speakers don't sound like they are reading off scripts. Steve Jobs had a knack for his famous Reality Distortion Field, almost like a mutant power. He could (perhaps can) suck you in and you will totally ignore unpleasant facts like a supposedly unique feature has already been done by others.

Come September 12, we shall see if the rumour mills are accurate about the design of the new iPhone. As is, I find the design boring, but that is Apple. Fans will gush over it, the masses will just accept that it is the best. 

Money will be taken.

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