Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nokia Lumia PureView

Well well, Nokia just finished showing off their latest Lumia with PureView technology. Information had been leaking like crazy in the day before, so a lot of people were incredulous at the claim of PureView with a 8 Mp sensor. Turns out it wasn't the same as the 808. It was different and much more.


That was my reaction when I watched the keynote. On the verge of pulling out my depleting hair, I was amazed and frustrated at the same time, wishing they had used the optical stabilization technology in the 808.
I so very much need that with my rather shaky hands.

They managed to float the whole lens assembly and actively compensate against movements up to 500 per seconds which allows for blur free photography at shutters as slow as 1/4th seconds.

A Steadicam setup? Who needs it!

It will probably be up to 1/30th with my hands, even then I will be very very pleased as I get blurriness at that speed on the 808.

Not to mention video.


Built in Cinemagraph function. Just when I am amazed at how people did it, Nokia went and made it simple for people like me.

While I am still very pleased with my 808, I can't help feel a tinge of sadness it was not given the full potential it could have been. Then again it was a technology waiting for the OS and CPU. On that note, Nokia had been running on single core CPUs for the longest time with everyone else already jumping on 4 cores but they were never a slouch.

I don't know much about the Windows ecosystem, but Nokia is concentrating on letting people take good pictures and getting around with better ease and have your social life flashing and winking at you continuously. Sure iOS fans will swear Apple has already done that and more, but then again I have seen a bunch of late teens armed with at least 4 or 5 iPhones confused as to how to proceed to their destination.

How will the Temple of Cupertino respond?

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